PHASE 1 Fresh Start

During this important part of recovery, the resident is encouraged to grow in understanding of themselves as well as developing a relationship with God. They are part of a structured, scheduled environment with physical development opportunities and personal development through small groups, classes and one on one mentoring.  All held on CLNM campus.

There can be NO contact with friends or family members during this 30 day time.   An earned family only visit can be arranged after the initial 30 day. The Phase One Pastor/Director works closely with each person to lay out a comprehensive plan for positive growth, utilizing curriculum as well as one on one counseling sessions and biblical studies to offer residents who are seeking change every opportunity to grow. Should a resident show development and express a desire to continue to the next phase, it is a 3-4 month process.

PHASE 2 Growing Roots

At this phase of recovery residents focus on developing an intimate relationship with God as well as with each other. With a strong emphasis in the study of God’s Word, daily praise and worship, discipleship, studies and daily chores, residents begin to trust and rely on God as well as one another. At this point in the process, there are monthly family days when families are welcome to come for a day of visiting and fellowship on campus (Sundays). Residents are encouraged to correspond with their loved ones via weekly phone calls.  Work and ministry training programs with prospective employers will be arranged as residents slowly begin integrating back into the community. 

PHASE 3 Into Action

This process closely resembles what most would consider “normal life”. Residents report to training facilities 35-50 hours per week, have more freedom to make good choices while still under the authority the CR House. Residents have weekly requirements they must meet like small group and mentor’s meetings and all of these activities begin to slowly shift from a focus on personal growth and development to focus on prayer and preparations for the future.

PHASE 4 Accountability  & Boots on the Ground

This final phase is for residents who have successfully completed the previous phases and have a desire to effect change in Springfield. As a member of the “Accountably House” residents are required to have full time employment and are afforded structured living arrangements where they are only required to cover utilities in the house with a focus and commitment to outreach to others.

For a select few who are truly called to Springfield there may also be opportunities for home ownership! This would take a resident from homelessness and hopelessness to hopefulness and home ownership; this is a goal! The first focus of each resident will be to display and spread the Gospel as well as continuing to live as a responsible man or woman of God, changing lives by helping to break the bonds and cycle of addiction; changing families, communities and cities.