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Foundation Champions






“……Is there such a thing? Can we really categorize the men and women, families, churches, small groups etc that joined this team of offense players that are stepping up together?  We are merely the foundation stones of something that will allow men and women to build a brand new life, With JESUS being the cornerstone.  Each of us have a part.  When it all comes down to it… did I do what I know I should do as Paul pinned so honestly in Romans 7.  I see a need.  What will i do?”— Task Force member who answered the “WHY I?” challenge.

“WHY I?” challenge for the Newsletter

Wondering who is behind all those foundation stones?  Why they care? Why they have taken time out of busy schedules to drive men to job training sites? Why small and large companies have said “we will be those sites”  and other companies have said “we cant be a training site but we CAN give financially to this life changing cause in a 1 year commitment!”  Why a widow fervently prays every day over a picture of the CR House and every man that will walk thru that door rather it be day one or day 365.  Why a police officer gives monthly.   Why this year a 1 income family  “upped” their giving regardless of no increase of income.  Why a man gave monthly in our auto give link at an odd set amount of $168.00 for the first  year.  Why churches of different denominations have put CR House in their missions budget.   Why a retired lady measured windows before there were even walls in the CR House and purchased 62 valences to make the men feel “More at home” and now bakes cookies for the family during orientation.    Why a small group of women have decided that they can make sure EVERY man who comes in has a “Blessing box” packed full of essentials.   Why a men’s group has decided they could provide laundry soap every month.   Why a stay at home mom has made it part of her children’s home school curriculum to write Scripture cards  and “way to go!” encouragement cards for the men reaching phases. Why  their “meager stones” (their words NOT ours) have encouraged others who think they have nothing to offer to step up and say “use me”.
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