Things to know:
1.  We can not accept men or women who have open or active warrants.  All probation/parole appointments must be non-reporting or phone reporting (not in person); No scheduled upcoming criminal court dates or future criminal indictments.
2.  We cannot accept men or women who have been sentenced to the Celebrating Recovery House “in lieu of ” incarceration.  Often, we find that men a women that are forced to come because of legal issues are not here for the right reasons, nor do they typically really want to change. 
3.  We will consider allowing someone with a open traffic issues or outstanding fines to enter the CR House, provided he or she is not required to attend a court appearance.  If any fines may result in a warrant for arrest, we will need written or verbal agreement from a friend or a family member that they will take care of the fine.
4.  Any person currently paying (or in arrears on) child support will need either.
—A written response from the case manager stating that payments may be placed on hold or deferred until the completion of the 13 months of ministry,
—Written communication from a friend or family member who will be paying the child support payments for the duration of the 13 months of the ministry.
5.  We cannot accept men or women who are required to register as sex offenders.  
6.  We do not allow any prescription medications that are considered “mood altering.”  Should a man or woman be considering entering, please consult your physician prior to making a decision not to take your prescribed medication.  A letter from your physician MAY be required for entry into the CR House.
7.  We are a working ministry, so any applicant currently earning disability must  relinquish it, because we can not legally work for the CR House and stay on disability at the same time.  “The maximum hours someone can work a week on disability is 20 hrs a week, and while in the 2nd and 3rd phases of our program men and women are expected to work from 20 to 50 hrs a week.”
8.  Applicants who have already completed the Celebrating Recovery House Ministry will not be considered for re-entry.
  We can, however, offer support though Campions groups, local churches and alumni connections as well as recommendations for other residential programs if necessary.
Before entry/acceptance you must read and understand all the above prohibitions that would keep you from gaining entry into the Changing Lives Now Ministries, “Celebrating Recovery House.”
You will be expected to sign an agreement stating that none of the above policies apply to you and that you agree that if any of the above prohibitions do apply, after you are accepted into the CR House you will be immediately dismissed for dishonesty.