There is POWER in Prayer!

We know the importance and covet your prayers. Here on this page we will get real about what specifically we need prayer for.   Please take these detailed requests before the Lord!

Future Residents:   Protection, healing (physically & spiritually), preparing the heart to live in freedom without addiction, a spirit of determinedness to never go back, a teachable spirit, one who seeks a new way of life.
CR House Task force team:   Guidance as the team works on putting together a board, conduct interviews for overseer position, and continuous vision casting for CR House.
Volunteers:  Plugging in people, families, small groups, churches into opportunities to serve within this ministry.  Growing a army of prayer warriors boldly storming the front lines within this war for everyone else involved.   Growing an army of connectors , mentors, caseworkers, and ALL people who cross the residents path in this journey of change .  Growing a base of “Doers” behind the scenes who help with orientation day, events, planning, and a willingness to just be used wherever the need arise.  A servant spirit.  
Growing a passion for the CR House so much so that each investing volunteer from a few hours to many hours cant help but share what they see God doing here at CR House.